Google Launches New Places Dashboard


I love reading Linda Buquet. She is so detail-oriented and descriptive that I rarely trim her posts. Here’s her writeup on the new Google Places Dashboard that was released this week. If you’re not using this for your business already – GET ON IT. You are absolutely missing out on sales and traffic if you’re not.

The following hasn’t been edited at all – the voice is completely hers and you’ll be able to feel her excitement as she describes the details … enjoy!


So excited to finally be able to announce the launch of the new Google Places Dashboard. YAY!

This new All-in-One Google Local Listing Management Dashboard offers SOOOOO many significant advantages and yes the old dashboard is really going away.

Although, please be aware this is a HUGE UPDATE, that will gradually be rolling out nationally – then internationally. It’s rolling out as we speak and could take days, possibly weeks to reach everyone and this is just phase one.

I believe it’s open to NEW signups now and will roll out gradually from there. More changes and improvement are still coming after this, and of course the product will continue to expand and evolve.

A pic is worth 1,000 words so without further ado let me show you the new integrated dashboard.

Above is the demo listing Google created for Linda’s Snow Shop. Here is the live page with the categories and description I just added yesterday.

You see the Google Places data editing section, (Yes it’s still called Places on the business owner side) there is also one button Google+ Page set-up AND management widget, a Google Adwords Express widget and Google Offers widget, all together in the same interface. How hot is that?!!!

PLUS all the data flows between and is consistent between all the different apps. Additionally, if you do something wrong OR if an edit will be delayed because it needs to be approved, it will tell you that too! This is just such a major improvement I can’t hardly type, I’m so excited.


Short on time hope the notes on screenshot are sufficient.


I tried to add the custom categories “snowman creation service” and “snowblowers full of hot air”
to Linda’s Snow Shop as custom cats. Here’s what happened:


Yes there is, 1 Button set up for Google+ Business page right in your new dashboard. Super hot!
(This is why I kept telling you Google has been saying to wait!)

Google+ Widget

Then when I click “Visit Your Google+ Page” here is the G+ Business page management screen.

Google+ Management Screen

NOTE: You don’t have to merge/verify your G+ Business page yet if you don’t want to. If you don’t need social or want to wait for things to improve you can simply stay with the Place page/G+ Local page.


Improving the look and feel of Google Places for Business

New Places for Business Marketing Page

A couple other points. Edits SHOULD go live a little faster for most things as they’ve been working on the data pipeline. However I think images are still delayed, but they are working on it. And again this will take awhile to roll out and more exciting changes are in the wind…

There is a ton more info that I don’t have time to type up. I tried to show the most important stuff in the screenshots and links below will answer many of your questions.


IMPORTANT FAQ More details about the improved look and feel of Google Places for Business

What’s happening to Google Places for Business?

Service area businesses in Google Places for Business This is all changed and MUCH better!